Do You Need Help Drafting A Will?

Turn to Andrea L. Hinshaw for estate planning in Raleigh, NC

If you die without a will, the courts may end up deciding what to do with your estate. To make sure your estate is distributed the way you want, visit Andrea L. Hinshaw to draft a will or trust.

Attorney Andrea L. Hinshaw has a wealth of experience drafting wills and trusts in Raleigh, NC. She'll make sure your will accounts for all of your assets and establishes a clear plan for distribution after your death. Attorney Hinshaw will write a will that protects your assets and provides for the loved ones you'll leave behind. She can also draft trusts that will protect your finances.

To learn more about drafting wills and trusts in Raleigh, NC, contact attorney Hinshaw today.

Now is the time to draft your will or trust

The future is uncertain. Don't wait another day to talk to an estate planning attorney about the future of your estate. Draft a will now so you can:

  • Figure out how you want your estate to be distributed.
  • Establish guardianship for any minor children.
  • Disinherit individuals who won't care for your estate properly.

An estate planning attorney can help you write clear, detailed wills and trusts. Get in touch with attorney Hinshaw now to get started.